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Watch Bernie Sanders Praise Food Lines, Communism & Socialism

Image Credits: The Washington Post | Getty. Show this video to people who don’t think Sanders is a full-blown commie Kelen McBreen | – February 13, 2020 In a recently released compilation video, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is seen praising communist regimes responsible for millions of deaths throughout […]

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Rudy Giuliani, Working With DOJ, Says Obama White House Implicated in Ukraine Plot

America’s Mayor Snaps Into Action by Patrick HowleyFebruary 11, 2020 President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, is now submitting his investigative work on U.S. political corruption in Ukraine to the Department of Justice. Giuliani’s work seems focused on uncovering money laundering, corruption by Joe […]

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Nasty Pelosi Does Not Applaud as Trump Announces Scholarship for 4th Grade Student

Image Credits: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images. While others stood and gave applause in reaction to the president’s announcement, Speaker Pelosi remained seated and did not applaud Breitbart – February 5, 2020 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did not stand or applaud during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address […]

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Trump Retweets Investigative Journalist Revealing Holes in Impeachment Hoax

Image Credits: Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images. Video shows Chief Justice Roberts shutting down Schumer Ben Warren | – February 3, 2020 President Trump retweeted an investigative journalist’s tweet that revealed holes in the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment hoax. Reporter Jon Bowne’s now-viral tweet showed a video of Chief Justice Roberts shutting […]

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CPAC Snubs Mitt Romney Over Siding With Dems On Impeachment Witnesses

Image Credits: @mschlapp/Twitter. Conservative gathering finally realizes Romney a RINO – February 1, 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) chair Matt Schlapp announced that Utah Senator Mitt Romney would not be invited to the annual conference after voting with Democrats to call in additional witnesses for the Senate impeachment […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi Jr. Oil Company Employed Russians To Influence Politicians

Employee From Moscow ‘Cultivated network of prominent contacts including politicians’ by Patrick HowleyJanuary 27, 2020 Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. was a board member of the energy company Viscoil Holdings and an executive at its related company NRGLab, which did energy business in Ukraine. House speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared […]