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Are You Being Brainwashed?

Darrin McBreen Powerful new Banned.Video promo features a parody of the 1957 film A Face in the Crowd starring Andy Griffith as it relates to Operation Mockingbird which remains alive and well today. By the way, our Everything Must Go Emergency Sale is now […]

The Clinton Body Count

Darrin McBreen Coming Soon to BANNED.VIDEO By the way, our Everything Must Go Emergency Sale is now live! Get 50% off DNA Force Plus at the Infowars Store now!

ABC News Anchor A “Hundred Percent” Sure Epstein Was Killed

Amy Robach “knew immediately” suicide story was false. Paul Joseph Watson | – November 5, 2019 ABC News anchor Amy Robach, who in a leaked recording revealed that the network sat on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for 3 years, is a “hundred percent” certain […]

Demonic Public Exercises Of Power Must Be Confronted

Americans need to stand up to evil Jon Bowne | – November 4, 2019 The acquired taste of evil born of wickedness from high places of power goes beyond what we could ever imagine in our worst nightmares. For example, it was recently revealed […]

Elizabeth Warren Caught In HOAX Bigger Than Pocahontas

The Alex Jones Show Straight off of Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign website is a savings calculator that will tell you how much money you will save annually with her new healthcare plan. Alex Jones puts it to the reality test. By the way, our Everything […]

Can The 1st Amendment Be Saved? A Conversation With Norm Pattis

Top Constitutional lawyer explains how to rescue free speech – October 29, 2019 Constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis joins Alex Jones live in studio for a behind-the-scenes interview about what God-loving American patriots can do to save the 1st Amendment as the political establishment and […]